Learning Spanish in Chat Rooms

To learn through osmosis, I visited a few Spanish chat rooms today. My favorite was Espanglish Chat because it’s made specifically for Spanish and English learners. But I found that chat rooms are not the best method to learn Spanish; between the typos and Spanish internet slang, I hardly knew what people were saying!

That said, it’s still good practice. Spanish chat rooms let you sit in on real conversations without feeling awkward, and you get to see examples of many common expressions.

Besides, Spanish internet slang can be fun when it isn’t confusing. For example, you can tell the Spanish speakers from the learners like me, because they type “jaja” instead of “haha”. (But “lol” seems to be universal.)

So even though I had trouble understanding them, I met a couple nice people and we exchanged instant messenger screen names to practice Spanish and English together. As long as I don’t get sick of my new friends and block them, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. ;)

140 thoughts on “Learning Spanish in Chat Rooms

  1. One thing that’s missing from chat room learning is listening/speaking. Maybe some of your new friends use Skype and would chat with you that way.

  2. Yeah, that’s true. Then again, I’m kinda shy about voice chats… Though that’s probably why I should try it more, right? :) I wonder what sorts of group voice chats there are for Spanish speakers/learners. That’d be worth researching!

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  3. I’ve been trying to learn spanish online. since im not able to go to school or pay for those expensive cd-rom programs. i wanted to share my info that i’ve found. skye i’ve heard is a good one to use to talk to people and to find the right person to talk to is go to notesinspanish.com on the forums. you can meet penpals etc. then move over to skype to talk..it’s worth checking out it’s all free

  4. I want to be lotof friends for talk and learn more English I promese all my friends want to learn spanish I go you spanish teacher asnd yor my English teacher.

  5. alright im learning spanish ‘e estoy muy enfadado’ i mean this is bullshit i cant find a place on the net where you can speak to people online in spanish without having to go through shitty registrations. Donde puedo encontrar algun sitio a habla en espanol? ayudar por favor. Apologies if that wasnt correct ^ structuring but i am only learning.

  6. I tend to agree with espanglishchat.com! As one who isn’t all that new with chat rooms, I have become somewhat particular and tend to select those where I feel comfortable, especially when you enter with good intentions which, in my case, wishing to practice with native speakers. But then, there are only mind games, filth talk, bashing, and outright sex invitations. And … one HAS to be quite young of he/she is neglected. I hate that type of environment and am still trying to find “just the right” room!!! More of your suggestions is much appreciated guys!!!

  7. I agree… I’m studying to become an English teacher and need to practise to gain fluency and vocabulary. I’ve been wasting my time on chatrooms… If you want to practise some Spanish we could arrange to do some chatting in both languages. :)

  8. I have just begun learning Spanish. I’d like to get more practice; I speak English (I am in Australia).
    If anyone would like to email me with me, that would be fantastic! I am happy to email with someone who is also learning Spanish, as we could possibly help one another. My email is oleary.jemma@gmail.com

  9. Hi Everyone

    I like Spain if you too like Spain then Email me now! I am only interested in Spanish people thats it … I will be coming there next year Januray.

  10. I’m Filipino and I speak English fluently because we have English classes at school from kinder to college and some of my cousins and relatives live in Canada and america. I can teach you English If you teach me Spanish in return… I know a few words In Spanish but sometimes I forgot them. I think It will work for me If I ‘m having a real conversation with someone who speaks well in Spanish and knows English but I don’t mind If your bad in English, Its ok :D

  11. Hi I want to learn to speak Spanish and in return I will help with learning English.
    Hola Yo quiero aprender hablar en espanol y yo le ayudará con el aprendizaje de Inglés. sorry if im incorrect with my spanish im new at it. You can contact me at puckett_ashley@ymail.com

    • Hi , Ashley I can help you with your spanish! I’m 20 years old, and Im a student, I want to learn english! Soy una estudiante mexicana, por cierto. Quiero mejorar mi inglés si , usted me ayuda será mejor para mi.

  12. Hola , si tienes interés en aprender español, contactame, te ayudaré en lo que pueda.
    Hi, if you are interested about learning spanish, contact me, I’ll help you!.
    Atte: Estudiante veinteañera . :-) J’ai 20 ans!

    • You can contact me through email, please… because I’m learning spanish and I’m actually confident about this, but i want to continue moving forward.

      Necesito que me ayudes porque no tengo un maestro, y no se’ por do’nde buscarlo.

    • I am very interested in learning to speak Spanish. My Spanish is very rudimentary. I am a professional musician and a college graduate, and I have been a schoolteacher. I can help with both the basics of English as well as the subtleties of the English language.

      Estoy muy interesado en aprender a hablar español. Mi español es muy rudimentario. Soy un músico profesional y un graduado de la universidad, y yo he sido un maestro de escuela. Me puede ayudar con ambos los fundamentos de Inglés, así como las sutilezas del idioma Inglés.

      My email address is:BobAbner2000@gmail.com

      I will wait for your reply.

    • Hola, estoy yendo a Madrid en el otoño y yo necesito entender español para mis clases, quieres practicar conmigo?

  13. Hi everyone, I am Filipina, I want to learn to speak Spanish to have excellent communication with them. I love the language.

    • hola ke tal filipina yo podria ayudarte a tener mayor fluidez en el español si kieres te puedo ayudar en encambio tu me enseñas a tener mas practicas con el ingles espero tu respuestas aki te dejo mi correo

      • hello like they are I wanted to help people that are interested in learning Spanish
        communicate in:
        my mail:
        skype: morfeo_xavi01

        • hola eduardo soy noor de egipto,,, tengo 22 anos trabajo como una directora de relaciones publicos en un hotel espero ayudarme para mejorar mi lengua es q la necesita mucho en el trabajo,,, y puedo ensenarte el arabe ,,, buscame por el facebook nnoor_elbadry@yahoo.com

  14. Hi I’m flavio from Lima – peru and I’m 18 years old and I would like to talk with someone who speaks English as a native !! I’m a english student and if u want we can practice via skype my Nick is ” flaviojosepro ” if u want contactme and I hope to know about u soon to be friends bye :)  

  15. I’m native English in North Carolina and learning spanish. I started learning for work/just cause and need an actual native speaker to chat with. Strictly text chat at first maybe voice later.

  16. Hello guys! My name is Elly! I’ve been learning english for 6 years and now feel quite confident in speaking live. A year ago i started learning Spanish. As it was all about grammar, i’d like to practice talking to someone it to improve my speaking skills. So yeah, that’s it! My e-mail is amy56782@gmail.com and feel free to message me, spanish teens! :D

    P.S. i wouldn’t also mind talking to people whose native language is english! :)
    P.S.S. don’t offer me any learning programs. I’ve already have tutors, that teach me grammar and such stuff.

  17. i need to learn Spanish and need someone to help me in approving my speaking-listening skills , and i can help u to learn English
    my Skype : remo.geos

  18. hola a todos, estoy aprendiendo espanol en casa, y me gustaria alguien ayudarmi con mi espanol y puedo ayudarte con ingles tambien.. mi espanol no es bueno pues si puedes hablar un poco de ingles que es util.

    soy de inglaterra y yo tengo 20 anos (tu edad no es importa)
    soy hombre
    mi dirección de correo electrónico- jordon.rzymski@hotmail.co.uk

  19. hi all, im noor an Egyptian girl i speak Spanish as i graduated from the univ of languages department of Spanish but i need somebody help me to practice the language ,,, i worked as a guest relation in a hotel ,,, wish find help here thanx,

  20. Hello everybody, my name is Amit and I have been playing with Spanish for the last few years. My native language is English which I am native-like fluent in and I also do fairly well with Spanish, although there is always room for improvement as far as Spanish is concerned.

    I am willing to help anyone who is trying to learn either of these languages in return for Spanish practice for myself. We can teach each other. I am sure it’ll be fun and mutually beneficial. I have been documenting my experiences with learning Spanish on my website (http://www.alwaysspanish.com) where I regularly post articles with tips and tricks that helped me with the various difficulties of Spanish. I would strongly recommend anyone learning Spanish to have a look and see if my experiences are any bit helpful in their context.

    I can be reached on my email and also on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/amitsch), Yahoo messenger (cosmicpotatoes666@yahoo.com), and GTalk (amitsch666@gmail.com). Please ensure your intentions are sincere and aimed at learning Spanish/English and exploring the various cultural aspects. It can be a good synergy.

    Hasta luego, amigos! :)

  21. Hello everyone, I am from Colombia and I want to learn English, if you are learning Spanish, just tell me. my Skype id is: jesusddavid

  22. Hola mi nombre es Dina, me gustaria hablar con los hispanohablantes que viven en los estados unidos. Soy de Australia y estoy aprendiendo el idioma castellano gracias.

    • Hola mi nombre es Dina, me gustaria hablar con los hispanohablantes que viven en los estados unidos. Soy de Australia y estoy aprendiendo el idioma castellano gracias. skype 214215 gracias.

  23. Hello everyone :D

    i’m portuguese, speak english and now i want to learn spanish. I need something but i need to speak with someone. So, if you want to learn portuguese or only practice spanish please contact me :D

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    • Hello Mariano, i want to learn spanish, i’m initial, and in exchange teach english. How can we contact each other?

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  26. Hola ,mi llamo Arpita.I am learning basic Spanish and I need someone to help me with my understanding and practicing of the language .I am fluent in English and I can help there

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  28. Hola amigos,
    I m pooja and I want to improve my oral expression of Spanish. I would request to all Spanish natives to please help me. and I will help any of you in improving ur English skills.
    Espero que ayudaráme.
    muchas gracias

  29. Hola, hay alguien aqui que me puede ayudar con una pregunta gramatica?

    Que es correcto: LOS or LAS?

    Aseguramos que siempre recibes los apropiadas tutelaje y guías

    Aseguramos que siempre recibes las apropiadas tutelaje y guías

  30. I’d like to teach someone spanish because I’m learning english and I think it can hepl me to improve my english. I’m open to chat or via skype

  31. Hi, I’m Maximliano, I’m From Argentina, I am a beginner in english and I search somebody to practise this language,

    is there another web site like this? can you say me that?

    My e-mail: maxi_em@hotmail.com

    also you can find me in facebook, using my e-mail

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