LearningNerd’s Site Redesign and Two Design Contests

Yup, LearningNerd has a new look! The first thing you’ll notice is the brand new logo, which I made today to enter the Logo Design Love Awards, a competition for blog logos (the deadline is March 1st).

Let me know what you think of the logo and the rest of the site! It’s very plain, and I may or may not add some more graphic elements to it later — you know, like shiny and colorful stuff. I like shiny. :) But I also like minimalistic, so we’ll see.

The second design contest is one I’d like to see more people enter. Check out the $5000+ Prize Giveaway Graphic Design Group Writing Project — all you have to do is write a post about design and submit it by March 4th. I’m surprised that there are so few entries, considering how many prizes there are. As it is right now, almost every entry will win something!

Anyway, that’s all the news for today. I’m working on making more tutorials, though, so expect to see more frequent updates pretty soon.

10 thoughts on “LearningNerd’s Site Redesign and Two Design Contests

  1. Good luck in the logo design comp :)

    I am also surprised by the small number of entries especially after the page has had over 2000 unique views. Oh well, I guess more rewards for the people who entered!

  2. Hey Liz, love the redesign. Sadly, the company hosting my sites mysteriously dropped them, pulled stakes, and even the owner’s email doesn’t work anymore.

    So I am left without blogs, and not even a wordpress db dump to console me.

  3. Thanks for the mention of my logo design awards. Here’s a tip for your own logo designing, be careful about kerning (the space between individual characters). Look in particular at the space before both ‘r’s.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Chris – Wow, I’m so sorry about your sites! :( How could that even happen? What hosting company were you using?

    David – Thanks so much for commenting and for the tip. You’re right, the r’s are definitely spaced oddly. I picked a monospace font and that’s just how it turned out, but I guess it would look better with a little fine-tuning. I’ve learned so much from you already!

  5. I like the minimalist look. One question is if you would consider moving the navigation bar to the right, so the “main feature” doesn’t require scrolling right.

    Also, do you have any recommendations on a minimalist WP template that will truly be fluid (e.g., I use different-sized screens; while at home, I’m all about 1920×1200, but at work, it’s smaller. Browsers scaled accordingly). The samples I’ve found on the wp-themes page say they’re fluid but do not actually expand/contract with the browser size.

  6. Jim – That’s a good tip. I hardly get any visitors using 800×600 but it does make sense for the sidebar to be on the right. As for fluid layouts, I actually just found something on that the other day: The Perfect Fluid Width Layout. Might be helpful. I’m not familiar with any fluid WP themes though.

    Chris – I’ll check it out. :) At least you can be sure that wordpress.com is trustworthy!

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